Monday, August 27, 2007


So, last week I used the word 'bland' two times in one day, and now today...

I'm cruising through Deviant Art and I find a kind of cool peice of art, so I start cruising through the guy's gallery. And while I'm looking at it, my brain is going "eh, this guy is kind of talented, in a Cal-Arts standard kind of way, not as interesting as that first peice led me to belive"
I'm kind of embarassed for myself.
So I finnish up breezing through page after page of cookie-cutter super-hero drawings (I needed to make sure that first thing was a fluke, and it was)and I scroll down to check out the guy's profile, and who are his favourite artists? The first is Don Bluth, and the rest are some of the more "well known" 9 old men. And you know what I did?? I SNEERED! Like not a mental sneer, where I imagine my face with a sneer on it, but I actually made the lip curling action with my very own mouth. Does John K. have some kind of subliminal mind control thing going on with his blog?

John, if your goal with your blog was to build an army of the faithfull, you're probably well on your way.

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